The best way to help the Society is to give one of the animals a loving home. Pet ownership is a big responsibility however, and should be considered carefully before making such a commitment. Some homes are unsuitable for certain pets and personal circumstances must be taken into account before taking an animal home.

Some things to think about before adopting:

Pet adoption is a long-term commitment

A pet may be with its owner for a very long time. It is a fact that dogs can live from 10-15 years, and cats for up to 20 years. There may be many changes in the owner’s life – moving house, marriage, the birth of children, new jobs and new houses – but a pet will be a permanent part of that life. Since dogs and cats can bond deeply with their families, it can be heartbreaking for the pet – and for the family – should that bond be broken for any reason.

Spending time with your pet

A family should consider whether it is able to spend enough quality time with a pet? Dogs thrive on regular exercise and companionship every day, and dogs which are constantly left alone can develop behavioural problems. Cats are healthiest and happiest kept indoors with their human families. Felines who live outside face dangers from other animals and people, and may prey on wildlife.

Pet health and safety

The cost of owning a dog or cat is a more than just the initial adoption fee. When estimating the total amount, basic and emergency veterinary care should be included as well as food and toys.

Choose the right type of pet

Dogs and cats are not right for every household. Problems such as allergies, apartment restrictions, or moving issues should be explored before adopting a new pet. Large dogs may be too strong or active for small children, while small pets may be too delicate for active children or toddlers. It is best to ask the Shelter staff what animals they recommend for individual householdsand lifestyles.

The Society is opposed to any degree of confinement which is likely to cause distress or suffering to the animals concerned, including restricting animals in cages, tying up on short leads or leaving them unattended for extended periods of time. Dogs are not permitted to go to homes where they will live in the garden. The Shelter dogs are not guard dogs; they need the same love and affection that would be given to children.

The Society is also opposed to the inappropriate breeding of cats and dogs. The Shelter is full of animals that need homes so it stands to reason that these animals should be homed first before bringing any more into the world.

Each application for adoption is judged on its own merits and the Society has the right to refuse any adoption application for various reasons, including those mentioned above.

The BSPCA has a strict policy regarding spaying and neutering cats and dogs and urges people adopting from the Shelter to share in the responsibility of controlling breeding of unwanted puppies and kittens. All animals over six months should be spayed or neutered. All male animals over six months are neutered before they are put up for adoption.

Adoption Procedure

To adopt an animal from the BSPCA shelter, visit a few times to see all the dogs and cats that are available.  Prospective adopters can look around and see which animals appeal to them and they can spend time with the animal in a quiet room to see how they get on with each other.  Dogs can be taken out on dog walk days.

The shelter staff will be happy to provide advice for first time pet owners, or anyone who requires it, so that you know exactly what is involved in keeping a pet.

The BSPCA does not permit children to adopt and all adoptions are at the discretion of the shelter staff.

If old enough, all animals are neutered when they come into the shelter.

The animal will also receive a free health check one week after adoption and free medical consultations for one month after adoption, if required.

All adopted dogs and puppies get one free training session at Delmon kennels and a grooming session with Bed & Biscuits (pet boutique hotel).


Dogs and cats

Due to an increase in vet and supply costs, in addition to help keep our CNR Programme running, the following costs are due to take effect on 

January 1st 2018                                 —-  للعربية

Adult (neutered)                                    BD 65

Puppies/Kittens (not neutered)         BD 100; BD 50 of which is refunded upon proof of neutering from a vet.


All fees INCLUDE the cost of neutering (if old enough) vaccinations, worming and tick prevention.

Any additional donation is voluntary and would be greatly appreciated. Click here to Donate now.

If, for any reason, the adoption does not work please return the animal to the Shelter.  A full refund will be given if returned in the first couple of weeks.