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The BSPCA is currently taking the initiative of neutering all stray dogs and cats free of charge to help reduce the number of strays on the island.

It is very important to remember that this is only for compound cats and stray dogs that live outside and NOT as pets. Dogs will get their ear notched as well as a tattoo to the inner thigh for future identification. Cats will receive a little notch to the ear.

The BSPCA has 5 spaces for cats and 5 for dogs in the recovery unit dedicated to the free CNR programme. Please call us at 1759 1231 before you bring the animal in for the neutering operation as we have limited space available.

Based on customer and supporter’s feedback we no longer require an advance reservation system – just call us the day before you plan to try and catch an animal and we’ll advise you on the availability of the veterinary surgeon and space in the recovery unit. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee there will be space.

Admission AND Collection for the CNR programme is strictly during the week:

Sunday – Thursday     9am to 5pm

Once the operation is done we will contact you and let you know when you can pick up the animal so it can safely be released back into its natural habitat.

Very important: We urge you to collect the animal immediately after, as we have limited space available and we cannot accept other animals until the space is free, cleaned and sterilised for the next animal.

You can rent a trap from us if you cannot get the animal in a carrier yourself. There is a refundable deposit for dog traps of BD75 and cat traps of BD50. A BD1 rental charge will be deducted from your deposit for each day you keep the trap.