Donate to the Shelter

The Shelter is always in need of money as it does not receive any funding from the government. The operation runs purely on income from the Thrift Shop, our fund raising events and the generosity of the public who donate to it. However, apart from money, the Shelter accepts everything from pet food, cleaning materials (for example, it is amazing just how much bleach is used in a week!) to old blankets and towels, building materials or old a/c’s in working condition that are no longer required – anything is welcome.

The Shelter “Wish List” – The things of which there are never enough at the Shelter!

> Cat litter
> Dry Cat Food
> Dry Dog Food
> Canned Cat food
> Canned Dog food
> 40kg Bags of Rice
> Bleach
> Blankets
> Dog and Cat food bowls (metal preferred for dogs)
> Plastic hard sided (not inflatable) paddling pools

We cannot accept raw meat or cooked food due to storage issues.


Donations to the Thrift Shop

BSPCA Thrift Shop donations

The Thrift Shop is currently running low on Men’s Clothing and is appealing for donations of the following items for resale:

  • Shirts and T-Shirts
  • Trousers, Jeans and Shorts
  • Underwear and Shoes

Your unwanted items are somebody else’s treasures!

The Thrift Shop is happy to accept all second-hand goods of any type in good condition, whether it be used clothing (washed please!), household appliances (in working order), ornaments, pictures, and basically anything that can be offered for resale. We also accept small items of furniture such as chairs, small tables or mirrors.

The Thrift Shop accepts donations 24/7. Simply drop the donations in the big white bin on the front step of the Shop or take them inside during opening hours. Address: 6 Busheiri Gardens, Abu Saiba, Budaiya, Kingdom of Bahrain. Telephone: (+973) 1759 3479. Click here for map

Donations of Money

Cash donations may be handed in to the Shelter or the Thrift Shop, where an official receipt will be issued.

Alternatively, a cheque (made payable to the BSPCA) may be sent to PO Box 26666, Manama, Bahrain.

A cash donation may be deposited in the BSPCA’s bank account (details below). Please note on the paying in slip that it is a donation and include your name:

Account Name: BSPCA – Bahrain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Bank Name: National Bank of Bahrain BSC
Bank Address: PO Box 106, Main Branch, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
IBAN: BH04NBOB00000099073943
Account Number: 99073943
Swift Code: NBOB BH BM

All contributions are most gratefully received



Thanks CTG 56.1 Squad

We received lots of nice donations from the US Naval Base Volunteers today who came to help out as usual on the weekends.

That was very thoughtful of them and we thank CTG 56.1 Squad for their help and support towards the our charity.



Little Gems Donation to BSPCA little gems preschool - BSPCA donation
The Bahrain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) received a phone call from Little Gems Pre School in
Budaiya this week about a donation.
In previous years the children have helped out by raising funds and in kind donations for the animals at the Animal Welfare Centre (AWC) in Askar. This year was no different and the kids came through with many goodies for the animals to enjoy and BD234 towards the feeding of the animals at the AWC.
The Society would like to thank the school Principal Ms. Christine Evans for coordinating a great charity donation drive for our animals and invite all the children to visit the Shelter as they have done in previous years.



DHL donation to BSPCA

The BSPCA would like to thank DHL for a donation of BD500. The cheque was handed over by the Human Resources Manager Ms. Aurora Santos and colleague Elina.

DHL has been generously donating to the BSPCA yearly as well as other charitable organisations in Bahrain. Once again many thanks for the visit to the Animal Welfare Centre in Askar and for the donations.



US Naval Central Command - BSPCA donation

On the morning of January 12 the BSPCA received a fantastic donation of supplies for the animals from the Navcent (Navy Central Command). The military personnel often come down to the Animal Welfare Centre (AWC) in Askar to volunteer by walking our dogs and grooming the cats. The US Sailors in particular have been coming in bigger numbers these days which makes us very happy to see more passionate and loving people out there doing what our dogs love the most. Thank you so much to the Navcent Chaplains Office at the US Navy. In particular CDR Dennis Wheeler and his wife Patti who has been a regular volunteer at the BSPCA for a while now. Christine Tamag for organizing the Sailors’ visits and for the great will to help our Society with donations that will keep the Shelter stocked for the upcoming months.


Donation to BSPCA from Jude & Mohammed Rais

One fine morning Mama Saba came in with her 2 kids to do something beautiful: start their special day with donations of food to animals!
Saba said she likes to do charity and different things all around to spread love and support the needy, and she decided to do a donation to the BSPCA animals for a change.
Saba is familiar with the BSPCA Animal Welfare Centre and she always visits and saves strays as well. Her little girl Jude was visiting for the first time and was very excited so of course she got a mini tour around the shelter to see the animals. Thank you to Jude and Mohammed for the very kind donations.






To find more information on how to become a member kindly contact the Animal Welfare Centre (AWC). All members must be approved by the BSPCA’s Executive Committee.