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Lost & Missing pets

Pet Care Guide

Report Strays & Cruelty


The 5 Freedoms every animal is entitled to:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from injury and disease
  • Freedom to behave normally
  • Freedom from fear and distress

Pet Bill of Rights:

  • I have the right to be a full member of the family
  • I have the right to stimulation. I need new games, toys, smells and experiences
  • I have the right for my owner to make plans when they go on holiday, not to give me up or abandon me on the streets to a life of starvation and abuse.
  • I have the right to regular exercise.
  • I have the right to fun. I enjoy playing and acting silly, do not expect me to be predictable all the time.
  • I have the right to quality healthcare. Please stay good friends with my vet.
  • I have a right to a good diet. Like some people, I do not know what is best for me so I will depend on you.
  • I have the right not to be rejected because of your expectations that I be perfect and a show dog, watchdog, hunter or baby sitter of the house. I need love too!
  • I have the right for you to be patient and to give me proper training. Otherwise, our good relationship could be marred by confusion and miscommunication.
  • I have the right to live with dignity …. and to die with dignity when the time comes.
  • I have the right to a clean environment, shade all the time and regular baths. I too want to be clean and I need your help in this.
  • I have the right for your love every day and not only when it is convenient for you …. I will behave better if I am getting everything I deserve and need from you.

Thank you for your lifelong commitment to me as part of the family.