Lost & Missing Pets

Kindly follow our advice below and save our “What To Do When Your Pet Goes Missing” guide:

If a pet goes missing, please contact the Shelter on 1759 1231 or email bspca@batelco.com.bh so the staff can keep an eye out for it. Many animals brought to the Shelter are clearly someone’s pet so let the staff know and they will keep a look out in case it is handed in.

It is also worth placing notices around the area where the animal went missing, containing as much information as possible (a description of the animal, name, sex, whether it is neutered or spayed or not, its age, if it was wearing a collar or has any distinguishing marks, if it answers to its name, where it was last seen, if it is micro-chipped). If there is a photo available this should be sent together with the owner’s name, address and contact number plus any other details that may help identify the pet.

The BSPCA – Official Page on Facebook page is very active in trying to return pets to their owners. Get in touch with the Bahrain Missing Pets Coordinator, Mrs. Peg Altemueller, for advice if your pet has gone missing or you believe you have found a lost pet.

Another suggestion is to contact the veterinary clinics and the local police station. Sadly some animals do appear for sale at Isa Town market and other souks and it is always worth going there to check, although it can be very upsetting to see as the animals there are not kept in the best conditions.

When a pet has been found please remember to inform the BSPCA so that the details can be removed from the missing pet file. And of course it is always good to hear there is a happy ending and that someone has been reunited with their pet.

Pet Safety Tips

The best way to protect a pet is to be a responsible owner. There are a number of actions you can take as an owner to prevent your pet from getting lost or wandering off which is listed here. See below are top tips:

Keep current identification tags on the pet at all times, consider micro-chipping, and never allow a pet dog to roam free. If a pet does become lost identification can increase the odds of finding a beloved companion.

The BSPCA thoroughly recommend micro-chipping pets which is a relatively inexpensive procedure. All animals coming into the Shelter are scanned and if a pet has been micro-chipped it will be possible to identify it and reunite it with its owner. Please contact your local Vet Clinic for more information on this procedure. Note: Micro-chipping should only be done at a registered Veterinary Clinic.

Prevention is key. Better be safe than sorry…