Wildlife in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain has three main species of antelope that are indigenous, which are the Oryx, Addax and the Reem Gazelle. These 3 primarily make up the back bone of our Wildlife here on the island.

Over the last two decades Bahrain has gone through some very big changes structurally, and what was once a much greener and fertile space on the island has now become mostly concrete development which has given business and provided housing to the massive boom in human population all around the kingdom. Natural habitats for animals seem to rarely exist although there is one place that has been trying to keep this alive and harbor a love for endangered Arabian Wildlife, as well as being an educational institution for people to see other species from different parts of Africa and Asia.

camelsAl Areen Wildlife has been at the forefront of tackling the ever-growing problem of development since starting its initiative back in 1976.

The main species that comes to mind when thinking of the Arabian Peninsula is the Antelope and you are probably more familiar with its name “Oryx”.  It has a large antelope of striking appearance with long, spearlike horns. Its horse-like neck is thick with a short mane and a compact, muscular body. This is what Bahrain is mostly associated with when it comes to animals that can probably be seen roaming the desserts.

Camels are also very common in Bahrain and considered to be indigenous; also, there is a Royal Camel farm which you may like to visit as the camels are kept in very suitable surroundings and live happily in their natural environment. This farm can be found on Janabiya Highway, just on the left as you pass the flyover that would otherwise take you to Saudi Arabia.

You can find more details online:  http://manonthelam.com/royal-camel-farm-bahrain/

Falcons are also a big part of the culture in Bahrain as they are used in the form of a sport that is mostly practiced by the royal elite. Falconry, as it is more commonly known, involves teaching the falcon how to hunt and providing it with treats every time it succeeds in catching what it has been set out for.

Although it may seem there is not much wildlife around Bahrain. It is possible to see some animals and migratory birds around the island if you go to certain places. You would probably be able to spot some gazelles and even an addax (form of antelope native to Bahrain) if you are lucky in the desert, although most areas have been closed off nowadays for military purposes.

This is why Al Areen Wildlife has stepped in and made an enclosure for the animals that keeps them safe from the ongoing development (mostly military) that is happening in the Sakhir area of Bahrain.

There are also an abundant number of fishes locally that our Island nation has depended on for many centuries. These are eaten seasonally. Sea cows and Porpoises can also be seen in our waters if you look close enough and are lucky one day. The dolphins are usually spotted off the coast, on long boat trips to Al Jarada Island where you will see them swimming in teams as they try to keep up with your boat.