Pet Care Guide

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Pet Relocation

We understand that sometimes life throws you some curve balls, if you wake up one day and realize that you have to be somewhere else in the world your pet should be able to make the journey with you.

In Bahrain there a few places that can organize the relocation of your pet and one that has been doing it for a while and specialises in relocation is Delmon Kennels.

Please visit their website or call Tim on 17 694066

Pet Boarding

If you have pets at home and are going on holiday, leaving your pet somwhere safe where you can trust they are being looked after is a very crucial point.

Delmon Boarding Kennels is an English style boarding facility that has been running for a very long time on the island and anybody who has boarded their loved ones with them has only good things to say. You can be assured your pet will be in safe hands for the time you choose to be away.

Contact Pauline or Tim on  17 694066

Bed & Biscuits is the first Boutique pet hotel in Bahrain where your pet will get pampered throughout their stay. The fees are modest and each animal has it’s own room with 24 hours service.

Bed & Biscuits – 17 402350

The BSPCA does not offer any pet boarding services.

Looking for a Pet?


There are many ways of finding your forever companion.

You could buy from a breeder, shop or even better come to our shelter and give one of the many loving cats or dogs a home.

It is highly recommended that you approach a shelter with so many animals coming in on a daily basis, they can get very full and if there are no adoptions this means there is no extra space for new animals that are waiting for their chance at finding a good home.

The benefits of adopting from a shelter outweigh all other ways, when you adopt you save 2 lives by giving a dog or cat an immediate home and also freeing up a single space so another animal is given a chance at finding a home.5F5B9_Puppies_in_quarantine

– All animals that come into a shelter are health checked during their quarantine period therefore minimizing any chances of diseases or illnesses. You can expect the animal to be friendly and in good health and therefore has been put up for adoption.

– Mixed breeds tend to have less health problems

– The love and gratitude you receive from a shelter dog is unlike any other.

-The people working at  the shelter almost certainly know the personality of the dog or cat after spending time with them while they were in quarantine.

– The animal will already have had all its necessary vaccinations and been Neutered as well.

If you are smitten on adopting a thoroughbred then you probably have no choice but to buy from a breeder, although check with your local shelter first as they may have the breed you are looking for at the time.

When adopting from a breeder there are a few points you should follow to help ensure you are making the correct choice.

– Make sure to see the puppy’s mother before proceeding as well as the environment that they were raised in

– Reputable breeders will provide genetic health testing to make sure your dog is not likely to carry any genetic disorders.

– You will be able to mold your pet into the perfect companion by providing the correct training during upbringing.

– The breed you select should reflect your lifestyle and family; this ensures everybody is happy with the selection. It is very true that you can stereotype different breeds with certain characteristics.

We do not recommend buying your pet from the “souk” as they are most probably stolen and animals that have been brought into the country for the sole purpose of making money which tend to be “bred out” excessively giving them all sorts of illnesses that would cause you a lot of trouble in the future.

Adopting from a shelter is considered to be the best option worldwide. The animal is already checked, you are helping free up much needed space and their personalities tend to be very unique and loving.